Useful AddOns

These are the AddOns that I use every day. I've tried some complicated UI's in the past but for me just a few mods which do the jobs I want, work best. This is the list of my favourite UI Mods.


 XPerl unit frames wow addon

 Xperl unit frames.

 XPerl unitframes: For me, the default WoW unit frames (Health and mana bars) just don't cut it. They aren't big enough to glance at in the arena and instantly know how well you're doing and they dont have percentages on the bar, which I find essential. This mod gives you both as well as a heap of other stuff like debuff and buff mods.

 Proximo: An invaluable arena addon. As long as that enemy has been clicked on once by someone on your team it will display the health and mana of every enemy in a neat little frame. You can also use it to target enemies by clicking on them but I find this often bugs and do I prefer to not rely on that. In short, if you want to get anywhere in the arena, you NEED this mod.

 Quartz: My favourite mod and one which I can't play without. It replaces the default casting bar with a bigger and better frame which makes it easier to see. It also adds the best enemy cast bar I've found and Battleground/Arena timers, so you can see exactly when a match is about to start.

 Satrina Buff Frames: There are a lot of buff mods out there and which one you choose is up to personal preference. I personally like the traditional icon and timer underneath aproach rather than bars. With this mod I get that and can move them all over the screen and resize them. I like to put Debuffs in the middle of my screen to the top right of my characters head where I can take full notice of the duration.

 CTmod: The most well known addon in WoW. I use it mainly for the action bar functions. It may not be pretty and dress them up with all sorts of art but it does the job. I like to have 3 big bars in the middle of my screen. The mod also offers buff frames in the form of bars, unitframes, CTRaid assist which you'll need both for BG Premades and end game PVE.

 So there you have my favourite UI Mods. Remember that macros can also make the game a lot easier. For example, making a macro for your felhunter to cast spell lock if your a warlock, then you can bind it to a key instead of having to click it on the pet bar.