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  The Best 3 Alliance Leveling Guides reviewed.

  Sure, there are other guides but to be honest they weren't worth reviewing, other sites might 'recommend them' but at the end of the day theyre just looking to make money. I've tried and tested these guides all the way to 70 and i can honestly say they are top quality products. 


iDemise Alliance Leveling Guide.

idemise alliance teamThis is an ingame guide. By that I mean it uses an addon to the ingame map which shows you the exact coordinates of where you need to go next.

'This guide was a revolutionary concept, a leveling guide where you didn't need to tab out, how it would all function within world of warcraft. But was it a success?' Read more

      Rating: 9.3/10                                                                Read the full review


Brian Kopp's Leveling Guide

Brian Kopp is a pioneer in world of warcraft leveling guides and his Brian Kopp Alliance Leveling Guideexperience is evident is the fine leveling guide.

'The guide reads in an Acrobat Reader document and gives excellent, detailed, step by step instructions. The guide also gives you ingame coordinates so you know exactly where to go but is it all its cracked up to be?' Read the full review.

Rating: 9/10

Read our Full review on Brian Kopp's Leveling Guide here.


Penn's Leveling Guide

 This guide is fairly established and fulfils its promise of a great 1-70 leveling guide. It reads in acrobat reader and therefore you need to tab out to see your next objective.

 It suffers from some aspects of it being incomplete and is unfortunately updated rarely. In such a competetive market with high flyers like Brian Kopps alliance leveling guide it fails to impress. The guide is O.K but there really isn't any unique selling feature and i recommend the other leveling guides instead.

Rating: 6.2/10

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