Bentt's PvP Movies.

 Hey everyone, on this page you'll find all the pvp movies I've made along with a description of each. I strongly suggest you check them out, wether its for remembering the old times (WoW is much more skill based now) or just for pure entertainment. Enjoy!

Get Bentt - Real Warrior PvP

Note: I made this movie some time ago now. Since then my gear and skill level has improved considerably.

Description -

So whats it really like to play a 70warrior?

From the glory to the shame.Yep, this movies got it all. All the scenes for the movie were shot in one day, so this is what it really is like to play a warrior. Not selecting one clip out of a hundred which makes me look really good.

My gear is average: full gladiator with 1 vengeful and full vindicators with gladiators 2h sword.

My talent spec is average: Mortal strike 35/23/3

This movie shows Duels, Solo Battlegrounds and the final section is with a healer.

Im not the best player, about average I'd say (Yeah I'm sure by now you've realised its intended to be a very average movie)

The movie features Trance, rock and dance music and comes together to create a fantastic combination.

Download it here or check out the live stream below.




Stealth Disciplines - Rogue PvP.

This movie was shot on my rogue, Vanish, when he was level 60. I think this was around patch 1.3 and people played considerably different back then. Still, this was very popular when it was released and has had over 15,000 downloads.

It features a prep/cold blood build with swords and macro to switch to daggers. Theres some normal PvP, ganking 8 level 50+ at once, duels and some funny stuff.

Some quotes from viewers:

'A wicked video! There is nothing bad in this video, its like... perfect.' VazTa, Warcraft

'Great editing though, one of the bests I've seen.' Shiia, warcraft

You can download it here.