Brian Kopps Alliance Leveling Guide

Once in awhile a product comes along that completely revolutionizes what you thought that product could be. World of warcraft changed MMOs and Brian Kopp changed leveling guides a few years back, but how?

Whats so special about Brian Kopp?brian kopp's alliance leveling guide

 When I first started playing WoW just after its release, leveling guides were already a hot topic. I remember a conversation in guild chat while I was questing in Westfall where one of the level 40s (A high level back then) was telling us about a great leveling guide he'd found on the internet. Being the curious, little bugger I am I checked it out, anything to help those forever lasting levels go quicker would surely be worth my time. It didn't take much convincing before I bought one called 'the ultimate Warcraft leveling guide' (stay well clear), and i was horrified to find the guide didn't even go above level 50.

 Sadly, this was the story for many players, with thousands getting conned by the smooth sales pitch pages. Then came Brian Kopps Alliance leveling guide. Now here was a top quality guide, it took you all the way to 60 with easy to follow steps and remained organised throughout. Granted, it wasn't perfect but it was a cut above the rest, a cut enough that everyone else had to raise their game. Brian Kopp's guide now accounts for 74% of all alliance leveling guides sold.

Enough! Why is it so popular?

 brian kopps alliance leveling guide

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 Obviously it wouldn't be selling if it wasn't a great product. What sets it apart for me is the sheer accessibility of the guide, its made for everyone. 'For everyone' is something that often turns alot of people off, I know when i see that phrase I think n00b guide. In this case its a good thing though, it means everything is easy to understand and that you won't get lost. He doesn't use any fancy wording or expect you to know anything really, it's all given to you. This guide has the polish you'd expect, big screenshots which show you exactly what you're looking for and easy to understand well written instructions.

 Ingame coordinates, this is another great feature, each step corresponds to an ingame coordinate. E.g. Go kill 15 hellboars, You'll find them at (49,20) which you can then see highlighted on your ingame map. This is a great feature and makes it really easy to find what you're looking for. Apart from these though the leveling guide itself runs in acrobat reader which means you will have to keep tabbing out every few minutes to see your next instructions which is a pain in the a**.

The Good and The Bad.

+ Well written with easy to understand instructions.

+ Great organisation ensures you won't miss any quests out.

+ Ingame coordinates help you to find exactly what your looking for.

+ Detailed screenshots so you know what you're looking for in the first place.

- Too detailed in some places which might slow you down reading the full instructions.

- Alliance only

- Apart from the ingame coordinates, its an out of game guide and you will need to tab out to check your next step.

Bentts Rating: 9.0

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