Derek's Gold Mastery Guide

This is it. This is the gold guide everyones heard about. Its the best selling WoW products out there but what's all the hype about? It's been established already that you can easily make a lot of gold using guides. So why should you go for Derek's Gold Mastery Guide? Is it just an over marketed, over polished pile of tauren dung?

'I make 240gold an hour just grinding and vendoring a bunch of crap'

- Christian Edmonds, 'Elite WoW Reader'

Farming Gold is easy

derek's gold mastery guide Christian Edmonds has summarised the usefulness of the guide perfectly. It is, bar none, the very best grinding for world of warcraft that you will ever find. The beauty of this is that its easy to use. No complicated strategies here (Although it's worth mentioning, there are more complex Auction house and profession strategies) you can make 240 gold an hour just from:

 1. Emptying your bags and going to one of the grinding spots he shows you.

 2. Killing mobs there and looting corpses until your bags are full.

 3. Vendoring all the junk you've picked up. No need to waste time selling stuff on the auction house.

 You can watch a video of Derek's ingame character here.

My personal experience of Derek's gold mastery guide

 This was the second wow gold guide I bought. After hearing so much about it I decided to give it a try like most other people. At the time I was doing pretty well with Luke's gold secrets guide but I thought this could yield even more gold (I'm too greedy).

 I didn't make any more gold using Derek's guide but that's not necessarily a bad thing. To this day I'm still hovering around the 230g an hour mark, which i can make using either Derek's guide, Valkors or gold secrets. If I want quick, guaranteed cash I'll always use this guide. Fortunately,  I'm not in that kind of position anymore because I've bought everything so now I use Gold secrets because it's more fun, filled with intricate strategies.

When I farmed for my epic flying mount I used Derek's grinding techniques for all of my characters. I want to expand on why I do this though. It's because to grind there are no requirements at all, if you wanted to make money with enchanting for example you'd have to level enchanting. Therefore, this is the perfect guide for people who don't have professions and don't want to mess about with the auction house.


 This is the guide I would recommend to anyone who will just be buying one guide and just wants a simple way to make a lot of gold. When I'm in the mood for abit of mindless grinding I just crank up my music, pick a spot and start making gold. It's not just grinding though, there's a big professions section too and auction house tips. In conclusion, this guide is the most popular because ANYONE can make money with it, and it's easy to do.

Go to Derek's Gold Guide Site for more info.