Druid Leveling Guide

Druid leveling guide Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Which talent build to choose
  3. Feral Druid info
  4. Crucial Balance Druid info
  5. Gearing your Druid

This Druid leveling guide will tell you all you need to know about leveling your druid, from talent builds to what equipment to choose.

The jack of all trades. The druid is perhaps the most fun and varied class to play in WoW. You've got the most powerful healing over time spells, some serious burst spell dps and some wicked crowd control abilities. Don't forget feral too, with cat form being capable of dishing out the highest melee dps in the game.

 There's even more great news, leveling 1-80 no longer takes forever and a day, thanks to feral gear improvements and a huge improvement to the class since the introduction of The Burning Crusade. It's fair to say that a druid is infact one of the better classes for leveling along with hunters, rogues and mages. If you're really serious about leveling in the shortest time possible, then there's no substitute for a full leveling guide, giving you step by step instructions from 1-70. You can read my reviews of the most popular guides right here.

Feral? Balance? What talent build should I use?

 Feral is by far the fastest way to 70. Feral cuts out any downtime (Drinking because your out of mana) and less drinking means more time for exp! However, Balance is also now a viable spec. While you won't achieve the same speed as feral druids, if you prefer that style of play it may warrant that extra bit of time spent grinding. How about resto then? Forgettaboutit, resto is no good for leveling and should be saved for when you hit 70.

Feral Talent Build - You will be spending the majority of your time in cat form using skills like rake and claw. Don't underestimate the power of rake either as it's damage over time ability and therefore ignored the enemies armor. At level 50 you will see a huge increase in damage from Mangle. Mangle is the 41 point talent in the feral tree and is one of the most powerful weapons of a feral druid.

Druid leveling talentsIf you want further help choosing your talents and in what order then here is the order which I used and I found it very effective:

10 - 14 Ferocity
15 – 16 Brutal Impact
17 – 19 Feral Instinct
20 – 21 Feral Swiftness
Feral Charge
23 – 27 Furor
28 – 30 Sharpened Claws
31 – 32 Primal Fury
33 – 35 Predatory Strikes
36 – 37 Shredding Attacks
38 – 39 Savage Fury
40 – 44 Heart of the Wild
45 – Leader of the Pack
46 – 47 Improved Leader of the Pack
48 – 49 Survival of the Fittest 2/3
50 –  Mangle
51 - 55 Predatory Instincts
56 – Survival of the Fittest 3/3
57+ - Now you can branch out any way you like but I would recommend getting the early resto talents for even more damage.

Balance Talent Build - Mana will be your biggest issue when choosing balance and you should be prepared to accept a considerable amount of downtime. You might think that you can just shift into bear while your mana regens but in the later levels it's often actually faster to just sit and drink rather than continually grind if you haven't specced feral. Don't under use bear form though, in the early levels make sure you save enough mana to shapeshift instead of trying to finish mobs off with your melee weapon. Still, for some players balance is a more rewarding leveling experience and even for feral levelers it can be fun to go balance for 10 levels or so if you come across some gear to keep your World of warcraft experience more interesting.

Below is the most popular order of speccing your talents, it's a mix of balance and restoration and was created by Phaelia.

5/5 Starlight Wrath (10-14)
2/2 Improved Moonfire (15-16)
5/5 Improved Mark of the Wild (17-21)
5/5 Naturalist (22-26)
1/1 Omen of Clarity or replace with a point in Natures' Focus (27)
3/5 Nature's Grasp (28-30)
1/1 Insect Swarm (31)
3/3 Intensity (32-34)
1/5 Nature's Focus (35)
2/2 Focused Starlight (36-37)
2/2 Nature's Reach (38-39)
5/5 Vengeance (40-44)
1/1 Nature's Grace (45)
3/3 Moonglow (46-48)
3/3 Improved Rejuvenation (49-51)
3/5 Nature's Focus (52-53)
1/1 Nature's Swiftness (54)
5/5 Gift of Nature (55-59)
4/5 Subtlety (60-63)
1/1 Swiftmend (64)
3/3 Lunar Guidance (65-67)
3/3 Empowered Touch (68-69)
5/5 Subtlety (70)

BE WARNED: The biggest difference you can make to your leveling speed isn't your talent spec though, I've said it time and time again that grinding is not the fastest way to 70. You will level much faster if you quest as well, but don't waste time doing the wrong quests, instead try to do ones that can all be completed in the same area.

A leveling guide will tell you exactly where to go, who to kill and how to kill them. If your interested in buying a full leveling guide then you can read my reviews of the best ones here. It's worth checking it out, the average EWG reader believed it had increased their leveling times by as much as 40%.

Gearing your Druid

 Now we come to another crucial part of this Druid leveling guide, how to equip it. When leveling your druid it's important you choose the right gear. The majority of it you will gain through instancing and questing, however since The Burning Crusade was released it can be hard to find groups for low level instances so don't rely on them. Spending your hard earned gold at the auction house is another great place to find some valuable gear, particularly in your lower levels.

 So what stats should I be looking for? If you're going down the feral route then you will be looking for melee stats such as Strength, Agility, +crit, +Attack power and stamina. Some Druids will argue that Agility is more important than strength but I value attack power over crit rating. Strength will give you double the attack power of agility, albeit at the cost of crit and dodge. When looking for weapons, your ideal type would be 'of the tiger' or 'of the bear'. For balance druids your mainly gonna be looking for intellect above all else as 2 of the major talents in the balance tree benefit from it. After intellect you should then consider spirit and spell damage. Stamina is obviously a very important stat to both builds but I tend not to put so much of an emphasis on it since Druids are a healing class and if your balance, you can always eat at the same time as your drinking.

 Thank you for reading my druid leveling guide, I hope you found some useful information in the guide that will speed up your leveling process and remember: If in doubt, travel form out. As a Druid you shouldn't be dying a lot and as soon as you pull more enemies than you can handle, just run away!

 Finally, if you really are looking for the fastest possible route to 70, check out the damn leveling guides reviews! They really will shave days off of your playtime.