Elite WoW Leveling Guide

A relatively new guide to the World of Warcraft leveling guides scene, the Elite WoW Guide promised all of the benefits of older guides but with all the junk filtered out. Did it deliver or is it just a cheaper alternative to the longer established guides?

How does the guide work?

Elite WoW Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide

Certainly not the fanciest, but it's by far the fastest way to 70

 Like most leveling guides, you'll find the majority of it's content in the form of a downloadable E-book. This pdf document takes you step by step through each and every quest from level 1 all the way to 70. To go along with the well written guide is an ingame map mod. This attaches to your ingame map and shows important quest locations and other useful information that coincides with the written guide.

 The ingame map means you'll spend less time looking for tricky coordinates and more time leveling. In essence, this guide has the best of both worlds: You've got the detail of E-book written guides but also the accessibility and speed of ingame help. The whole ingame idea was created by iDemise but their guide lacked detail in parts, whereas with Elite WoW that's not a problem.

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The Good and the Bad

+ Well written, it doesn't waste your time with useless info

+ The cheapest leveling guide on the marketElite wow guide

+ The ingame map addon makes finding quest locations a breeze

+ Free, regular updates and 70 - 80 Wrath of lich king content promised as a free update once it's released

+ Available to both factions

+ Every quest is linked directly to Thottbot should you require more information about it's rewards etc.

- It's Bland looking, the creator could have spent more time improving the overall look of the guide

- No screenshots to help you identify quest objectives


 Since leveling my Tauren Druid using only this guide, I can truly say that this is going to shave days of your leveling time. I also really liked how each quest is linked to Thottbot so you can check out how valuable the rewards and read other players thoughts on each quest.

 In conclusion, this guide combines all the benefits of older guides but without some of their irritating problems, and it's available to both horde and alliance so your not stuck to one faction like you would be with Joana's or Brian Kopps guide. The creator is also offering free 70-80 updates once Wrath of the Lich King is released showing his true commitment to this guide.

Bentt's Rating: 9.4

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