Gold Secrets Guide Review

This is the original gold making guide. Its been out for over 3 years now with regular updates featuring new methods for each WoW patch. Luke, the creator of the guide isn't an elitist WoW player, hes just an average guy whos found a lot of ways to make a lot of gold. But how much success can you expect from his book?

Short and Sweet.

Gold Secrets Gold Guide  At only 81 pages long. Gold secrets cuts out the crap and gives you the content. When you first open the guide you're treated to a short introduction, very short in fact before you get right to the meat of how to make up to 200g an hour.  The guide doesn't list the different types of loot and which is better than the other (Epic is better than rare for example) because it doesn't want to waste your time. You bought it looking for gold making secrets that noone else knows and thats exactly what you get.

My personal experience of Gold Secrets.

 This was the first gold guide I bought. I loved it back then on my 60 rogue and still do today. Of all the guides I've got, and I've got a alot, this is my favourite still. My only gripe with it is the presentation. I just wish he had stuck with a typical white background/black font combo, instead of trying to give it a theme and ending up with it being hard to read.

 About the strategies themselves. Overall, they are excellent and can't be found in any other gold guide. Gold secrets spends a lot of time talking about auction house and trading techniques rather than just grinding. So if you're looking to do some mindless grinding then perhaps Derek's Guide is more for you. The techniques in this guide will make you more money but its harder than just grinding. The main guide also comes with a few others. The highlights being the Auctioneer guide and the Fishing guide. Auctioneer is a tool you need to get, and this shows you how to make the most of it, I use the techniques described every time I make an auction and have probably made upwards of 8000 gold using this system.


 This is without a doubt the best guide to go for if you're willing to put in abit of extra effort and is the one all the top gold farmers will use. I just wish the presentation had been better and this guide would've scored 10/10. A fantastic guide overall, with the promise of a full refund if you don't like it, valid for 2months!

There is a great video that will tell you all you need to know:


Go To the Official Gold Secrets site.