Joana's Horde Leveling Guide

Joana is famous as a powerleveler throughout the WoW community. Before patch 2.3 he held the record for the fastest leveling time 1-60 in the world. It's natural then that you would presume the leveling guide to be awesome, filled with his secrets, but are awesome? Or is the guide overhyped?

What's its unique selling point?

  Video. This is the first and only guide which has full video of footage of Joanas entire journey from 1-70. He initially filmed it to prove to the world his record leveling time. The exact path he took is the one described in the leveling guide so its a proven theory, apparently. Below is a segment of him hitting 60 using his own leveling guide in Winterspring, i highly recommend watching it.

Part of the full 1-70 videos where you can see exactly how Joana leveled.

My Personal Experience

  This guide is exclusive to horde by the way. It reads in acrobat reader just like Brian Kopps guide so you will need to tab out every now and then and full video footage is available if you need some extra guidance. I used this guide to level 2 of my horde characters, including my Undead rogue whos now got full merciless pvp gear.

 Joana's leveling guide rogue

 My undead rogue leveled with Joanas Leveling guide.

  In the early levels of 1-10 you don't really need to use it but once I was level 11 and entered The Barrens I found the guide to be a huge timesaver, and I mean huge. The level of planning that went into Joanas guide is immense, the order in which you do quests is done in such a way to hugely minimize travel time and grinding. So much so that i would be picking up a quest and then turning it in 2 levels later as that would be next time Id be in that area, probably doing another quest. As you level up the guide becomes even more useful and I found myself only doing excessive grinding from 39-40 through the whole journey.

  In the later levels and Outland the guide also reveals some really hot grinding spots specific to each class, for example Joana recommends low armor mobs for Rogues and low Hp mobs for mages, also detailing how much money you can expect to make. The video footage was great too, it's exactly as described and shows Joanas entire journey which meant I didn't watch much as watching someone else leveling gets old fast. I did refer to it a few times though and since its split into sections for each level you can see the exact technique he used at any particular stage.

The Good and The Bad

 Joanas leveling guide videos

 Full video footage of Joana leveling from 1-70.

+ Full video footage of the entire guide being used 1-70.

+ Well written with just enough detail to help you through the levels.

+ Practically no grinding at all, the guide is designed to maximise questing.

+ One of the cheaper horde guides available. 

- Horde only.

- Some quests aren't explained in enough detail leaving you confused.



Bentts Rating: 8.9

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