Other WoW Guides

This section of the site is where you can find all sorts of interesting articles that don't fit into the other categories. They are about the MMO's in general and also about World of warcraft itself.

The Top 5 alternatives to WoW? Ok, even I have to admit that during my 3 years with the game I have experimented with other MMO's. So what are these others games? How did they stack up to world of warcraft? I've tried the majority of them, from Vanguard to EVE Online.. Read More.

Leveling Tips and Tricks 5 ways to skyrocket your 1-80 leveling speed. Simple techniques you can use right now to level faster. Read more

1 - 60 Leveling Guide. It's not very in depth but it does list a lot of awesome grinding spots to help you on your way to level 60. A good guide to start with, or if you're too cheap to buy one! Read More.

Grinding or Questing. What's the fastest route to 80 in WoW? Should I grind or quest? This article looks at this age old debate and gives you my opinion after leveling 5 characters to 80. Read More

Mage Leveling Guide. Should I AoE level or not? Frost or fire? What spell order should I use? These are all critical questions asked by thousands of Mages every day. In this article I hope to clear some of that up and provide a useful resource for mages looking to speed up their leveling times. Read More.

Druid Leveling Guide. Leveling advice for both Balance and feral, How to spec your talents and gearing advice for your Druid. This is the definitive guide to leveling your Druid by Bentt. Read More.

Rogue Leveling Guide. The definitive guide to leveling a rogue in world of warcraft. General tips, what talent build to choose and why you should use swords and not daggers. Read more

Warrior Leveling Guide. Leveling advice for warriors. What talent builds are best, Gearing your warrior and which weapons to use. Read more

Please bear in mind that this is a new page and more articles are yet to come from bentt!