PvP Guides



Please be aware that while I consider myself a veteran at leveling and making gold I am by no means claiming I'm a top PvP'er. While I am experienced and have been in several 2000+ rated teams take all these tips with a pinch of salt. Also, plese remember that every PvP encounter is slightly different and I can't be expected to write guides for every possible match up.


Arena Class Combinations - One of the most common questions I get asked is which class is the most useful in the arena. This article attempts to awnser that and give reasons why some are more popular than others. For example, if you face a 2000+ rated 5vs5 arena team, you have a 96.0% chance to face a Warrior.Read more.

The 5 most useful Addons - I've compiled a quick guide of all the addons I find the most useful in PvP, essential if you are looking to get 1850+ in the arena. Read more.

Bentt's PvP Movies - It may not be a guide but it's nonetheless good old fashioned entertainment! You'll see not only my highly praised 'Stealth disciplines Rogue pvp' which was pre expansion but also my latest video on my warrior which shows what its really like to play a warrior in world of warcraft. Watch the videos and Read more.