Questing or Grinding

The age old debate of grinding vs questing to 80 and what's a faster way to level in World of Warcraft


So we all know the basics: You need experience to gain levels in World of Warcraft. And 99% of it is gained either by killing NPC's (Non-Player characters) or by completing quests. The difficulty comes when a WoW player asks, what's a faster route to 80, just grinding all the way (killing monsters without doing very many quests) or simply completing all of the quests in zone, before moving on to the next.

I think we can all agree that questing is a lot more interesting. Even if many quests are basically grinding 'kill 10 of that creature' type quests. The travel times, and extra experience for doing the quest and extra rewards mix it up a bit.

Grinding USED to be a faster route in the original WoW but now I've found that questing is much faster. Since The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions both added a serious experience rate increase and also so much content from 60-80 that grinding is pretty much unecessary. Grinding to music though is a different story (No I'm not talking about the type of dancing either!), I've found the mindless nature of killing mob after mob to actually be quite enjoyable when you're listening to some of your favourite tunes. Give it a try!

Now, Leveling is also an opportunity to make money, and you've got to take that into account too. If you've got a profession like Skinning for example, then grinding might make you more gold. However, usually I've found that Quest rewards are often worth a lot, particularly later on in the game.

So, Questing or grinding - Which is faster? Over the 5 characters (almost 6 now) that I've leveled from 1-80 I'd say that not only is questing a lot more fun but it's also faster too. Especially if you use a leveling guide to help you complete each quest. See our leveling guides section for more information on using one.