Valkor's Gold Guide

There's a new kid in the block. The WoW gold guide market has been dominated by Derek's guide, and gold secrets and yet since its release Valkor's guide popularity has been surging all the time. So much so that I've written a review. This is the first world of warcraft gold guide to be designed from the ground up for the Burning Crusade and its evident throughout, a big selling feature over the other gold guides.

You can be a gold farmer.

Valkor's gold guide The whole unique selling feature of the guide appears to be that you can do discover the techniques used by goldfarmers everyday and will never have to buy gold again. Technically speaking, you could actually become a gold farmer by just selling the gold you make to websites, but that's not what valkors gold guide is about. In reality, it's just another gold making guide teaching you new ways to get gold. You will find all the ussual haunts here from well known grinding spots, new grinding spots, a lenghty professions section and a HUGE guide to being successful at the auction house.

This is the real thing.

 Reviews are so imporant these days, and I'm glad you're reading this one. Consider this, Gold secrets and Dereks gold mastery guide have been out for some time now and have been very successful. Now consider that although WoW seems big, pretty much every way to possibly make gold is actually covered in 2 books. Finally, consider that there are over 14 gold guides on the market today. It doesn't take a genius to work out that the majority of these guides are using the exact same methods as the famous two and just compiling and marketing them differently for a profit.

 Valkor's gold guide is the real deal though. Sure, you could argue that some of the material isn't new but then again how many ways can one level enchanting? There is just one best way and each guide will tell you it. However, I would say that 80% of the material is this guide is brand spanking new. Valkor did his homework and he must've worked all through the night to create something new and special.

 Without a doubt this guide features the most detailed auction house strategies I've ever seen. He will show you how to draw traffic to your auction specifically using the trade channel, how to capitalize on server maintanences and upcoming patches, where to buy goods from vendors and then sell them straight on the auction house for a profit and there are loads more!


 I'm sure you're all wondering wether or not to buy this guide. My awnser is yes, even if you already own another. The methods Valkor teaches are fantastic, you will not only earn more money but have fun doing so, grinding new spots and discovering new things about the game.


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