Warrior Leveling Guidewarrior leveling guide


  1. Introduction
  2. Which talent build is best for leveling
  3. Gearing your Warrior and why it's important

This Warrior Leveling Guide will tell you all you need to know about leveling a Warrior in WoW, from speccing your talents to what gear you should look out for.

Playing a warrior is like no other class. Say goodbye to escape and utility spells. As a warrior its simple: Either you die or your enemy does. It's a very involving class to play with constant stance switching, rage management and situational awareness playing key roles. In group PvP you will dominate the battlefield. If you enjoy being the center of attention and are willing to sacrifice it all for glory, then playing a Warrior is for you.

Is Leveling a Warrior Fun?

 Some people describe leveling a warrior as boring. You won't have a lot of tricks at your disposal or be able to change the way you level every now and then like some classes can by respeccing.

I wouldn't call it boring though, I enjoyed the simplicity of leveling my Gnome warrior Bentt. I love how with a single crit from a big 2h you instantly take mobs down to 50% hp, that never got old for me.

 Be warned however, that if you intend on grinding it's not the fastest way tolevel. Contrary to what some of the 'hardcore' players might say, Questing, especially with the excellent 60-80 TBC and Wotlk content, is amuch faster way. Especially if you do it the right way, and by that I mean using a leveling guide. Be careful though, as some of the guides outthere are of poor quality. Be sure to check out our leveling guides section first if you're interested in trying one.

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Which talent build is best for leveling?

 It's generally accepted that fury is the better tree forleveling. Arms is more focused on burst damage and the Mortal Strike Debuff (Both great for PvP). However, you can still level with itand particularly after level 40 it can be quite effective. Protection, obviously, is not a leveling build and is for tanking higher end gamecontent.

 Below is an example of one of the most popular fury leveling talentbuilds and in what order you should get each talent:

10-14 Cruelty
15-19 Unbridled WrathOrc Warrior Leveling
20-24 Commanding Presence
25-29 Dual Wield Specialization
30-30 Sweeping Strikes
31-35 Enrage
36-39 Flurry (4/5)
40-40 Bloodthirst - Upgrade At Trainer at 48, 54, 60, 66, and 70
41-41 Flurry (5/5)
42-43 Weapon Mastery
44-46 Precision
47-49 Improved Berserker Stance
50-50 Rampage

 After that you can pick up anytalents you feel you missed or branch out into the Arms tree.

Gearing Your Warrior

 In this section of our Warrior leveling guide we will discussequipment. Warrior's are the most gear dependant class in game. This means thatwhile you're leveling up it's essential to upgrade your gear regularly. While mage's and casters can happily get away with only buying new gearevery 5 levels or so, as a Warrior you can expect to visit the Auction House every 2 levels or so if you wish to stay on top of your game.Letting your gear and especially your weapon quality slip will have huge effects on your leveling speed.

 You will want to focus mainly on obtaining 'Of the Bear' gear whichgives you more stamina and strength. +Crit chance is also important but is less crucial while your leveling. Agility is a nice bonus but don'tlook specifically for it, Strength should always come first and is infinitely more valuable.

 When it comes to weapons you can either go Two-Handed or Dual wield, if you'reusing the talent spec listed above then I recommend dual wield. Two-Handed can also work with fury though and is just as good if that's what youprefer. A logical approach (and the one I use) is to switch between 2h and dual wield depending on what weapons become available. For example atlevel 30 it would be a shame to miss out on the Whirlwind Axe which is an excellent weapon just because you want to dual wield. By usingthis approach it means you're also leveling both sets of weapon skills which will save you a lot of time when you hit 70 because you won't haveto level your weapon skill from 1 to 350 if you ever swapped it around. 

Thank you for reading this Warrior levelingguide and I hope you'll find the information useful and that you get more out of warrior than you did before.

 Finally, I'd like to mention leveling guidesagain. If you're really serious about leveling your warrior then you should at least check out my reviews section. You might findit will increase your leveling speed by as much as 40%, You can read my reviews of all the bestleveling guides here.