Why Should I Buy a WoW Leveling or Gold Guide?

 35 bucks is a considerable chunk out of your wallet, is it really worth shelling it all out on a world of warcraft related guide?

 The short awnser is....YES.

 Consider that by cutting down your leveling times by 40 - 60% you free up days of playtime which you can spend doing other things.  If the guide saves you just 20hours of playtime (It will likely be closer to 96hours) then that's 20 more hours you can spend working. Which means that if you earn just $10 an hour, you've just earnt an extra 200bucks!  Can you afford NOT to buy a guide?

Not convinced? Read on!

Free Guides just aren't very good


Free wow leveling guides suck


 Nothing is free in this world.

 Its simple.. The more you pay, the better the quality of the product. This is because people are more willing to spend time on something if they are getting some kind of personal gain. Leveling and gold guides are no exception to this and the difference between a free and premium guide is incredible.

 World of Warcraft is a great example of this philosophy, Why are you playing WoW instead of runescape? Because its better, Its better because Blizzard had more resources (And creativity i guess) because they charge people to play their game. While they could afford to hire 200 people to work on the game, Runescape was probably made by a group of 5. They also charge a monthly subscription (Thankfully no leveling guides do) which means they have a constant stream of money coming in, allowing them to continue to improve the game long after release. Or ruin it by discouraging world pvp, whatever your view.

Risk vs. Reward

 You COULD bot all the way to 70. It would mean doing no work at all apart from leaving the pc on overnight and watching the levels roll by. You could, but i wouldn't recommend it. It's likely you will be caught and that your account will get permanently banned. Some of the oldest members of the Glider forum (An illegal Botting program) often say 'Never glide on an account you are afraid of losing'. It's extremely risky as anything that plays your character for you is against them WoW Terms of use. That means that any kind of leveling or gold guide is completely fine and Blizzard has been known to encourage out of game WoW related products.

Why buy a world of warcraft gold guide You COULD buy an account. Buying an account is something I think most desperate WoW players have considered. However, when they realise it could mean forking out up to 500dollars to a complete stranger over the internet, most are turned off. To those that aren't I'll tell you from my personal experience, its stupid. First of all Blizzard doesn't allow it and is likely to ban any account found to be being sold, this means you're never 100% safe in your new account as any suspicious activity, such as an ip in a different continent logging on to the account will tip blizzard off. That assumes that you actually get the account and don't get scammed. Scamming is big business partly because it's just so easy to do. Heres a few ways you could get scammed when trying to buy an account:

  • You send the seller payment through paypal, then they give you fake account details or none at all. Usually you will be able to get your money back but sometimes not.
  • The seller decides to reclaim his account after a few months. Even if he gave you everything (Correct CD-Key and changed the email address to yours) all he has to do is mail a scan of his real life I.D. to Blizzard and they will reset the accounts email to whatever he desires. There is nothing you can do in this situation and you will lose your money.

 There are countless other methods scammers use and the bottom line is don't buy WoW Accounts.

 You COULD buy gold. The gold industry is thriving, with over half a million people making their living from farming gold. This indicates that people are indeed buying it, and buying a lot of it. How likely you are to get caught really depends on the website you pick, there are some where they will just mail you 3000g in ingame mail, which makes it very easy for Blizzard to find an ban your account. If you pick the right site though, it's likely you will go undetected but then again it is a stupid risk to take. When you could farm up to 250g an hour just grinding a vendoring a bunch of crap, while listening to music instead of buying an account from a shady chinese website I'll grind myself every time.

Surely this information is available for free somewhere?

WoW Gold Guide The internet has certainly de valued information. People can now access valuable information anytime,anywhere with a click of the mouse. So if these leveling guide and gold guide secrets are so good surely someone would have leaked them? Well unfortunatly not, firstly because there is a lot of people making money from selling the guides and secondly because once people have bought them they want to keep the information to themselves rather than be generous and share it. Especially products like the iDemise ingame guide, thats a full program. Theres no substitute for a guide than actually buying it, I'm sure that every single person whos considered buying a guide has thought the same as you and it seems they took the plunge after not finding good info elsewhere, maybe its time you did too.