WoW Gold Guide Reviews

  I've reviewed the 3 gold guides which worked best for me. Best WoW Gold Guide There are other guides but I didn't find their methods as effective.

I have been using their gold farming techniques for over a year now and can happily earn 180-230g an hour with them depending on loot. When your first starting out you can expect to earn 145-200g depending on which gold farming method you use as some are better than others. All 3 guides can be used by horde and alliance instead of being faction specific like leveling guides.

Derek's Gold Mastery Guide.

World Of Warcraft Derek's Gold Guide  This is the most popular world of warcraft product, bar none. The guides created a lot of buzz, with thousands submitting to the awesome techniques and others proclaiming its all a load of crap, that a guide can't really help you that much.

  'Contratry to what thousands might say, this guide isn't the be all and end all of gold guides. There are some fantastic aspects, the fishing for one, but then there are some things which the competetion does better. Of all the gold guides I have read, this is the most user friendly, and shows even low level characters how they can make hundreds of gold. Obviously, the high level techniques are even better but the guide has a few drawbacks.' Read the full Review.

Gold Secrets Guide.

Gold Secrets WoW Gold Guide Before Derek's guide, before the many leveling guides, there was Luke's Gold Secret guide. This is the original gold guide. He claims to have been perfecting the guide since its original release 3 years ago.

  'I've read about 6 gold guides cover to cover and many share similiar farming strategies. This guide doesn't, its unique in many of its aspects and thats what makes it my personal favourite. The guide is only 81 pages long, this is a good thing because he doesn't bore you with the basics of WoW, just gets right into how you can make gold. For the majority of my gold farming I refer to this guide over the others. The title, Gold secrets, promises secrets, not just a guide but stuff noone else knows, and thats exactly what it delivers.' Read the full review.

Valkor's Gold Guide.

valkor's world of warcraft gold guide Valkors Gold guide is relatively new to the WoW guide scene. After recieving dozens of emails requesting a review I bit the bullet and bought a copy. Its not often a gold guide is considered good enough that I would want to recommend it in the form of a review, but here goes.

 'Valkor's gold guide, not the most catchy name but its certainly been catching on nonetheless. The guide has been in development for some time and it basically focuses on the best techniques available, ones that gold farmers use. It goes beyond just listing great grinding spots, it gives you awesome auctionhouse strategies,It tells you which products will always be hot and which are just temporary which means you don't get stuck with something noone wants anymore. However, its not without its flaws and its organization could have been better in parts.' Read The full review.