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Quick WoW Leveling FAQ (Scroll down for reviews)

Why Should I use a WoW leveling guide?

Whether you play horde or alliance there are many benefits to be had from using a leveling guide. The route they take to 80 is not available anywhere else and is significantly faster than the free wow leveling guide's out there. Basically, the main benefit of a leveling guide is that it means less time spent leveling and more time spent on content you do enjoy, PvP for example.

What is a Leveling Guide?

 A Leveling guide is a type of guide for World of Warcraft which shows you step by step the fastest route to level 80. Some guides come in a downloadable PDF format and describe every single quest in detail, telling you exactly where to go and in what order. And others are ingame guides providing you with updated coordinates as you level. 

How much Faster will I level?

On average you can expect to level between 40% to 60% faster than if you leveled on your own. It depends on how many characters you've leveled before but if it's your first character in the game or that faction you will likely cut 60% off of your overall leveling time. Personally, I've leveled 5 characters to 80 so far and none have taken any longer than 9 days playtime.

"In an online questionnaire conducted in August 2008 with 740 participants: Elite Wow Guides found that the average player believed a guide had increased their leveling speed by 40% and as high as 60% for those who were leveling their first character."


Reviews of the Most Popular Guides

Here You'll find a brief review of each of the best guides available that I've personally tested. My top tip would be to buy the guide most suited to your style e.g. some people might not want an ingame guide and prefer a detailed book style. 

For Faction Specific Guides Go to our Alliance Leveling Guide's Page or Horde Leveling Guide Page

#1 Recommended Overall - iDemise Leveling Guide:

idemise wow leveling guide I loved this guide. This is a fully ingame leveling guide, I can't believe that noone came up with the idea before. The fact that you don't have to tab out every couple of minutes and scroll through a pdf document shaved literally days off of my total leveling time. I recently used it to level my human warlock and it's my fastest 1-70 time yet.

The whole guide is built into a map addon known as 'Map Mod 2.0' which shows you exactly where quest givers are and who you need to kill to complete them. It's not perfect though, it can be abit brief at times with little in the way of quest description and what to look out for.

Visit the iDemise official site                       Read Our Full Review


You do the math: If it normally takes you around 10 days to hit 70. And you level 40% faster when you use a guide, then a WoW leveling guide will get you to 70 in 6 days flat. That's 4 days you didn't have before to do other stuff you like.

Joanas Horde Leveling Guide:

Joanas horde leveling guide  This is guide is exclusive to horde players. Joana Shocked the WoW community when she revealed shed leveled to 60 in just 4 days and 20 hours and caught all of it on video! Be aware that this was pre patch 2.3 and leveling times of under 3 days are now possible.

 This is another famous guide and while Brian Kopp caters for alliance Joana caters for horde. As with all the other guides it basically tells you exactly where to go, what quests to and in what order to achieve maximum leveling efficiency. It can increase the xp rate of even the most experienced player (I noticed a big difference) by 25-40% and if your new to the game well... You just won't believe it.

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Why Do I Use a Leveling Guide?

I personally don't like leveling and play WoW mainly for the endgame content (PvP and raiding are my passions). I started using a guide when I leveled my second character, that was back in 2006. Since then, leveling guides have saved me hundreds of hours in playtime and I'm a real believer in them.

New to the site? Who am I?

Elite WoW Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide: 

Elite Wow horde and alliance guide A great WoW leveling Guide. It summarised each quest in a near perfect amount of detail (Neither too much or too little) then builds on that by giving you additional help ingame through an ingame map addon.

 The fact that it's the cheapest guide on the market doesn't hurt either. Leveling with it was a breeze on my Tauren Druid. The only criticisms I had were that the presentation of the guide was a bit bland and that I had to get extra help from thottbot 4 times during my 1-70 journey. Even then, each quest is linked directly to thottbot and so it only took seconds.

Visit the Elite WoW Guide's Official site                 Read Our Full Review


Brian Kopps Alliance Leveling Guide:

Brian Kopp  Brian Kopp is name thats become synonymous with leveling. Wherever you hear talk of leveling in world of warcraft theres always that one guy who says I used Brian Kopps guide, and its great. Well they're not wrong, it IS a fantastic guide. Theres a few reasons why, first of all its long established and his methods have been improved over time. Secondly, its pretty much the only alliance leveling guide players are buying (Up until iDemise was released anyway) with it accounting for 93% of alliance leveling guide purchases according to clickbank research.

  Enough of the business crap, what about the guide itself? The single best thing I found while using this guide is the detail, it has been perfected. Not too much detail on each quest or you'd waste valuable time reading it, but enough so when you get a particularly difficult quest you know exactly who to kill and how to go about it. 

Visit Brian Kopp's Official site                      Read Our Full Review


I've got 4 level 70s. What Guides did I use?

 At first there were only 2 leveling guides worth talking about.

 Brian kopp's leveling guide for the alliance, and Joanas guide for the horde. I've had a good experience of both and they are great guides. I used Brian Kopp's to level my Gnome warrior and Joanas guide to level both of my horde characters.

 Now there's 3. The iDemise ingame guide is a new concept. I wasn't sure if they would pull it off to be honest, but I leveled my female warlock using it and it's my fastest 1-70 yet. I'm currently leveling a second character with it, a gnome mage.


It all comes down to what you prefer really, I've tried all the guides on this page and you've just got to decide if you want an ingame guide, or a traditional E-book format guide. All the guides are of good quality and you can expect pretty much the same leveling times with each, possibly with the idemise guide being slightly faster. You can read more in depth reviews for horde here or for alliance here.