iDemise Leveling Guide

Finally, a FULLY ingame leveling guide...  A revolutionary concept no doubt.. A leveling guide everything worked ingame - No more tabbing out and overall much faster leveling. But was it a success?idemise leveling guide

 First of all, there are 2 versions. There is a version for both the Horde and Alliance, unlike most of the other guides out there that are faction specific. Therefore I will review both on this page.

How does the guide work?

  The Team iDemise guide works as an ingame addon and attaches itself to the ingame map, it's completely legal and is not considered an exploit by Blizzard. Only things which play your character for you (Like bots) are considered hacks.

 This is what the guide looks like:

idemise leveling guide

 An Ingame screenshot of the idemise leveling guide.

 On the righthand side you can see each individual step you need to take, numbered 1-8 for levels 10-12 for example. By hovering the mouse over each step you bring up a description of exactly what you need to do for that step.

You will level step by step all the way from 1-80, the guide tells you which zone to visit next and then gives you detailed instructions of exactly what to do. Go to the idemise official site.

If you're lazy, (I know I am) then this is the guide for you. It literally holds your hand the entire way. With the iDemise guide it's practically impossible for someone to fail at achieving record leveling speeds.

The Good and the Bad

+  The step by step nature of guide ensures you won't miss anything out.

+  No tabbing out every 2 minutes since the leveling guides completely ingame, saving you hours of time.

+  Easy installation and excellent support from the iDemise team if you've got any problems.

+  Available to both factions.

+  Free updates for life. (Yes, that includes any new expansions)

-  The quest descriptions can be too brief sometimes meaning you have to ask for help on Thottbot.

-  Earlier versions of the guide had some compatability issues.

-  No screenshots to help you identify certain objects (e.g. What to look for on a collection type quest).

 bentts mage i leveled with i demise

 My Gnome mage, leveling currently with the iDemise guide

Conclusion - Is it worth $35?

 I'll say this: It's my personal favourite. Since its release I've leveled both my warlock to 80 and am leveling a mage (level 62 at the time of writing). Ingame guides are the future and this guide is king. I loved the sleek design and i cannot stress just how much time you're gonna save with it being ingame.

 Most leveling guides increase my exp rate by about 40-50%, but since you don't have to tab out with the iDemise leveling guide, and you know exactly where to go thanks to coordinates, you can add another 20% onto that. Thats 70% faster than leveling the old fashioned way.

 Only You can decide if saving days or even weeks off of your playtime is worth 35 Bucks. But I'll say this, more and more WoW players are starting to wake up and smell the bacon: This guide works. Go to the iDemise Official site.


Bentts Rating: 9.3

Go To The iDemise Guide's Official Website